Dance Workshop


With Christine Quoiraud


How mind affects body? How body affects mind?

Decolonization of habits in improvisation.

The expansive territory of Mind & Body

Touch and images

Slow motion(s) and dance

In this workshop we will base our observation and practice on the basics of Body Weather laboratory. After a warming up, we will practice the manipulations one and two . We will concentrate on observing the relationship between partners, mind and body. Zoom on the various reactions created by touch and focus our attention on language of exchange.

How from manipulating/manipulated bodies we can get into dance improvisation stemming from the condition of body after manipulating/being manipulated and collecting feedbacks as source of language support for imagination in dance. We wil test time and space, the point of apparition of movement and disappearing movement, the overlapping period between movement and its end, engendering next movement.

We will explore our state of mind and the possibilities of shifting our spontaneous reactions by doubting, reformulating and choosing. How can we relate to ourselves, others, audience will be our item.

Can we change our state of minds and reorganize a field of discovery in dance, recreate tools of exploration?

The last day the workshop may be open to outside observers.



Christine Quoiraud (CQ), originally trained in modern dance, philosophy and visual arts, worked and lived in Japan from 1985 to 1990, dancing member of Min Tanaka’s company MAI JUKU.
CQ started the Body Weather work with him in 1980 in Europe.

CQ is the founder of the Body/Landscape workshops and performances in situ, artistic residencies all over the world.CQ conducted Body/Landscape projects with Frank van de Ven in various landscapes in France from 1996 to 1999. Meanwhile CQ was invited on several occasions by Oguri and Roxanne Steinberg to teach and perform in Los Angeles, wich had a strong mutual influence. Principe d'Incertitude, 1996, Il ne sera pas délivré de duplicata, 1998, The city is always bigger than you think, 2000, awarded from Lester Horton Dance award with Oguri.

In 2000, CQ has been a recipient of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for her research project “Body/Lanscape, Walk and Dance”, (Villa Medicis Hors Les Murs, AFAA) travelling in Spain, Basque Country, Hungary, Japan (Yakushima Island) Australian Desert, New Caledonia, Californian Desert, London, Los Angeles.
In 2002 CQ and Hamish Fulton conducted a group walk in contemporary art place, Chamarande near Paris, inviting young artists to join and participate to a publication « Walk, Dance art c° » ed Filigranes.

In 2002 CQ recieved Ministry of Culture and communication (DMDTS) direction de la musique, de la danse, du théâtre et des spectacles, for a research project “duodyptiquemarcheetdansechristinequoiraudjulienbruneau”. Crossing France by foot, I organised several residencies in art places as well as specific territories (The Mont Ventoux, the Sainte Victoire Mountain). The residencies explored dance in situ and walks/workshops for participants. A solo dance piece was presented in Dance festival in Brest “Antipodes” in 2003.
Between2001 and 2007, CQ has numerous Walk and dance projects in Dance festivals in France and in Morocco CQ conceptualised and realised nomadic art camps.

In Morrocco(2005-07) CQ had a serie of projects for international community, in the desert and city surrounding, giving opportunity to young european artists to develop existence in desert without any tracing object. In exchange they were invited to give workshops to 8 shools in the southern valley Tafilalet. Aknowledeged by french cultural affairs,  I was invited to train teachers of young age children in pedagogy, proposition linked with ontological and political matter trough arts and the question of survey.

In 201, CQ was awarded with honorofic tittle from the  LaurenBon and the Metabolic Studio, Los Angeles as recommended by the Chora Council in recognition of your inspiring work and practice in the arts”.

Since 2012 CQ has work with the CND (Centre National de la Danse in Paris) annotating my archives with the perspective of transmitting the work.
In 2016 CQ got diploma from the Body Mind Centering ® Paris organisation SOMA .
Recently I focus my work for migrants. I currently develop my research on “touch”, consciousness and language with Body Weather practitioners, university teachers and researchers in ecology and neuro sciences.
I teach in universities. I am mentor for young artists (Marzena Kreminska, Pedro Prazeres, Antoine Favral, Barbara Sarreau..), gives regular workshops. I appear in several publications (Choreographic Dwellings, practicing place by Gretchen Schiller and Sarah Rubidge, edition New world choregraphies; Le Buto en France by Sylviane Pages edition CND/recherches; Traverses au sud, figures de la marche, Edition L'Espérou; Repères N° 31 ,edition La Briqueterie centre de développement chorégraphique du Val de Marne, etc.