November 23, 2016


Dance, like word, is essentially the invisible, giving rise to thoughts and feelings. In communion, with live participation, we activate, enervate, awaken the senses and agitate that which has been dampened and taken hostage at this ominous crossroads. In this dark of winter, we seek to make the embers glow, gather the sparks, reignite the words, to cultivate the mystery, inspire the questions - to dance. 

Thanks to your past support, over the last two years, we have been teaching, collaborating with dancers, artists and musicians and performing from Spain and France to New York, Portland and San Francisco, while continuing classes and productions as artists-in-residence at the Electric Lodge in Venice.

Our recent performance at the Hammer Museum, restaging our major theater work, Caddy! Caddy! Caddy! William Faulkner Dance Project, animating hallways, planters and staircases with a soundscape by Paul Chavez and dynamic climactic installation by artist Hirokazu Kosaka completely transformed the museum space. It is hard to believe this happened the week before the election. The mood and subject matter including the magnificent celebratory and ironic rainbow ‘paperfall’, seems particularly relevant and poignant in this post 11/9 world.

We have been honored to dance with Simone Forti for our annual Flower the Season and are developing a new audience rapport to be further explored in Person’s body‚Ķ flower, a Social Observing this year. A special thanks to Inkboat dance company for inviting us to dance in celebration of Anna Halprin’s 95th birthday. We have rekindled our creative relationship with Grand Performances where we made a big summer splash. We are so grateful to be dancing with our sister Morleigh Steinberg and co-directing Arcane Collective.

In 2017, with deeply appreciated support from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs and the LA County Arts Commission we will teach and perform at the Electric Lodge and commence a new workCentury-the Dead Also Age. We are working on a tour to Eastern Europe and are particularly excited about Oguri’s new collaboration with award-winning French artist Lola Gonzales to take place in Grand Park, Los Angeles, Summer 2017. We also look forward to inviting you to Milwood Landing, our company rooftop dance/sky studio.

Special thanks to our collaborating producers, artists, musicians and dancers Morleigh Steinberg, Alex Cline, Carole Kim, Will Salmon, Open Gate Theater, Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga, Boaz Barkan, Andres Corchero, Christine Quoiraud, Frank van de Ven, Kio Griffith, Moses Hacman, Mira Milford, Adam Rudolph, Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio, Carmina Escobar, Scott Kazan, Simone Forti, Suchi Branfman, Tetsuya Nakamura, Paul Chavez, Hirokazu Kosaka, Joyce Lu, Michelle Lai, Eric Losoya, Kenneth Hughes, Tom O’Conner, Patrick Varon, Lori Shapiro, Joel Schapiro, Electric Lodge, LACMA, Bodyvox, Hammer Museum, Grand Performances, New York Live Arts, Teatro Ensalle, Festival Grec.

We come to you asking for vital support. Let’s keep dancing with passion and resolve!
With deepest gratitude,

Oguri and Roxanne


Please make checks payble to Body Weather Laboratory.

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Thank you very much!