Dance, like word, is essentially the invisible, giving rise
to thoughts and feelings. In communion, with live participation
we activate, enervate, awaken the senses and agitate
that which has been dampened and taken hostage. In this dark of winter
we make the embers glow, gather the sparks, reignite the words,
to cultivate the mystery, inspire the questions – to dance.
Let’s trace the universe with the unfathomable perceptivity
of our fingers, our hands, our minds, our bodies.
2017 ~ 2018
December 19, 2017
Dear Friends,
In order to continue producing work it is essential for us to be part of a funding and grants circuit and maintain our non-profit status. Your support is crucial!
Thank you!
Oguri and Roxanne


Selected activities
Flower of the Season 2017, Person’s Body, trio Roxanne Steinberg, Oguri & Morleigh Steinberg

The Distance is Beautiful, Grand Park, Oguri, Lola Gonzales, Paul Chavez, 60 dancers, FLAX Foundation

Oguri Body Weather workshop tour in Europe -Chisenhale in London, animating the archives of Christine Quoiraud at Centre National de La Dance, Paris and l’Excentrica, Barcelona.

Dream of a Dragonfly, Live Arts Los Angeles, Open Gate Theatre, Will Salmon, Alex Cline,
Jie Ma, Roxanne Steinberg – guest artist. More in 2018

FIESTA PERPETUA! Echo Park Lake, 13 hours, sunrise to sunset. Conceived by experimental vocalist Carmina Escobar (Mexico), Oguri & Banda Filarmonica Grandeza Oaxaquena & Banda Filarmonica Maqueos Music, both are 30 member Oaxacan youth brass bands. Machine Project, Will return in 2018 as part of PST, produced by REDCAT.

Roxanne dances the role of Pearl Buck in Danny Ezralow’s PEARL tour in China

Black Hole and Supernova, Artist Rachel Mason’s new film projects, dance Oguri
Black Hole will premiere at NOW festival REDCAT 2018

Flower of the Season 2017, OGURI SOLO DANCE, Electric Lodge, Venice

Opening of Arcane SPACE, Morleigh Steinberg, Frally Hynes

Body Weather Laboratory Workshop at Electric Lodge & dance under the stars Milwood Landing,

Flower of the season 2018, March, a new ensemble work

Christine Quoiraud workshop Electric Lodge

New duet with Oguri and Andres Corchero for Festival Grec, Barcelona


Please make checks payble to Body Weather Laboratory.

Mail to:

The Electric Lodge
c/o Body Weather Laboratory
1416 Electric Avenue
Venice, CA 90291