Now in our 17th year as a NPO, BWL has a history in downtown Los Angeles and in Venice and has become a community institution with dedicated audiences, networks and partnerships with organizations including the JACCC and Beyond Baroque where we have developed and presented work.
At the Electric Lodge, located at 1416 Electric Ave, between Oakwood and Milwood
neighborhoods, in the heart of Venice, our projects are created for community outreach andaudience development.
Participants, ages 11- over 90, artists, dancers, curators, scientists, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, architects… are an internationally and ethnically diverse group. Our past DCA and OGP projects have worked with local groups: Vera Davis McClendon Community Center, Venice Arts, Venice Dream Team, Pearl White Theater, Project Heavy West, Oakwood Owners and Tenants Association, S.P.A.R.C., and the Abbot Kinney Merchants. Guided by our board and advisors whose connections extend throughout Los Angeles, BWL considers opportunities for audience development and education and for artists and community to engage in creative exchange. At performances, surveys collect personal information and subjective reflection.

Our audiences include people with varied backgrounds, experiences, abilities and cultures, students and educators from the Venice area and broader Los Angeles. Workshop participants and project volunteers include dancers, performers, artists and people interested in movement arts regardless of experience.
BWL, exploring contemporary Japanese and experimental art, enhances creativity and critical dialogue with emerging and professional artists in the local community and Los Angeles at large. Flower of the Season projects recruit local and non-local volunteers. Past projects brought Eastside musicians to the Electric Lodge and Westside audiences downtown to the JACCC for performances combining jazz and world music with traditional and avant-garde arts from Japan. In so doing, Flower of the Season is also an inquiry into ephemeral, fleeting community as we work
intimately for a defined period of time. At Beyond Baroque Literary Center and the REDCAT with Caddy! Cady! Caddy! William Faulkner Project we attracted audiences through the relationship to literature. BWL, with its commitment to site-specific engagement, invites those that hold nature and cultural struggles as basic concerns.
Venice has always set an example of arts healing community. While becoming a home to many new dotcoms it is still a destination for homeless and homeless youth. BWL recognizes these challenges and continues to establish a matrix in our community for producing creative work. Utilizing local spaces in novel ways, choosing material for workshops and performances, we seek to forge artistic connections and to develop work fostering professional and creative relationships.
We are committed to a regular cycle of intensive workshops and performances. Our advisory board helps guide the process.